Press Release (French) (.pdf file)

REF. KE-005 | mill. Flora Bussiaca

Catalogue raisonné | Flora treatise
French, English and Italian
ISBN 978-2-9539867-5-4
230 x 320 mm
416 pages | 201 images | 2,675 kg
Deluxe Limited Edition: 600 copies
Publication date: April 29, 2014
Printed in Belgium by Snel Grafics

This book explores the idea of a contemporary herbarium, while reporting on Galleria Continua's work to convert the Sainte-Marie Mill at Boissy-le-Châtel into a place dedicated to contemporary art.

Both a scientific document and a graphic proposition, this flora specific to a micro-territory in the heart of the Paris Basin aims in particular to list and analyze the plant species that were introduced in that place or – on the contrary – colonized it over time. These findings implicitly retrace the history of the site, its "archeology", its transformations and progressive rehabilitation.

Like the place it portrays, this raw and fragile publication, which reveals its threadbare structure, recollects and expresses the work carried out by the architects and landscape designers at Galleria Continua. In a way, the former paper mill becomes the bark, the "cover" of a publication that has none.